GCSE Performing arts

GCSE Performing Arts

This is a brand new award for first teaching in September 2017. It is equivalent to one 
full GCSE and fulfils the entry requirements for academic and vocational study 
post 16. This award is perfect for students who love not only being a performer 
but who want to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the current performing 
arts infrastructure, how performing arts contributes to individuals’ personal 
wellbeing and the wider socio-cultural-political and economic wellbeing of 
society as a whole. Students develop not only their technical, artistic and 
creative performance ability in dance, drama and/or music but they also learn 
about production, including marketing, finance, accounting and budgeting, 
sales, project management and health and safety in the arts (among many other 
things). Because of the nature of the qualification and the learning that students must undertake the course is as practical as it is theoretical and students must be incredibly dedicated, motivated and responsible. This course is ideally suited to students who would like to take further and/or higher education qualifications (AS Level, A Level, BTEC, Degrees) in the performing arts either as discreet or combined subjects and will suit students with aspirations to work in project/event management, business, the performing arts (performance and/or production), PR and media (to name only a few).

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