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Bespoke Performing arts Education Services for Schools



Informed by more than twenty five years outstanding practice in performing arts education, we recognise and uphold the value of the arts to both the school community and the social, creative and intellectual development of each individual child. Whether you seek a creative approach to the delivery of the arts in your school, performing arts curriculum and extra-curricular management and delivery or simply a series of workshops in an extensive range of performing arts disciplines and styles The Academy can work closely with your school to help make things happen.

All teachers at The Academy are CRB checked and trained in child protection and first aid. Academy teachers are repeatedly recognised by HMI as “outstanding” and even “beyond outstanding”. Our faculty comprises Arts Award Advisors and GCSE Expressive Arts Examiners. The Academy has 100% GCSE Exam Success in Dance, Drama and BTEC Performing Arts. The Academy’s educational services include curriculum and extra-curricular provision on a one off, short or long term basis with the option for children to take internationally recognised qualifications with LAMDA and the IDTA from foundation stage. We offer lessons in:

  • Drama

  • Musical Theatre 

  • All styles of dance from foundation stage through to KS4

  • GCSE Dance, Drama, Expressive Arts and Performing Arts

  • BTEC Performing Arts 

  • Arts Award qualifications

  • Organisation, direction, production and choreography of your school drama and⁄or musical theatre production


Nursery & Foundation Stages



Every child should have the opportunity to explore their imagination through movement. Our highly creative and innovative curricula aims to embrace and foster children’s instinctive predisposition to move. Our developmentally appropriate, child centred approach promotes social interaction and communication, independence, creativity and a joy of movement. Fundamentally, children will not only learn to move but learn about themselves and the world around them through movement whilst also developing the necessary skills and attitudes for leading healthy active lives. Specifically children will learn to:


  • Move with increased control, coordination and confidence

  • Move with an awareness of the body and an understanding of how it moves through space

  • Demonstrate a developing sensitivity to music through movement

  • Express feelings and emotions through movement



Dance to your own tune



A curriculum devised by the Royal Academy of Dance specifically for pre-school children, Dance to Your Own Tune marries the development of poise and discipline with freedom of expression, music appreciation and fun. Children develop individual responses to creative ideas guided by their teacher and inspired by beautiful classical music. Children will learn to gallop, trot, skip, jump, turn, spring, roll, bend, stretch and swing to name a few. They will learn about melodies and sounds, tempo and volume and using their faces and bodies to express thoughts, feelings and ideas. Themes include, ‘The Secret Island’, ‘The Jungle’, ‘The Toy Kingdom’, ‘Outer Space’, ‘Big Mountain Adventure’ and ‘The Performance’.

KS1 to KS5 Performig Arts Education Provision



Musical Theatre Workshops


This workshop aims to develop:

  • Fundamental dance, drama and performance skills confidence

  • The ability to work cooperatively in groups

  • Knowledge and understanding of musical theatre,

  • Creative thinking and working practices


It also aims to engender enjoyment of the performing arts and to encourage active participation in physical activity.


A typical Musical Theatre workshop will consist of:

  • A range of highly interactive, stimulating, skill focused drama games

  • An energetic dance warm up

  • Specific creative exercises to develop key musical theatre and drama skills

  • Focused rehearsal in each musical theatre discipline to prepare for a performance extract

  • Performance of work for appraisal



Street Dance Workshops


This workshop aims to develop:

  • Fundamental genre specific dance skills

  • Confidence

  • Knowledge and understanding of Street Dance

  • It also aims to engender enjoyment and appreciation of dance and will encourage and promote active participation in physical activity and the arts

A typical Street Dance workshop will consist of:

  • A highly interactive and motivating starter game

  • An energetic dance warm up

  • Specific creative exercises to develop key actions and skills

  • Focused rehearsal of Street Dance choreography

  • Performance of choreography for appraisal


Consultancy & Continuing Professional Development



Informed by years of ‘outstanding’ practice in education and a commitment to raising attainment in performing arts within education we can offer a comprehensive programme of bespoke consultancy and CPD services.


We have extensive experience in the management and operation of KS3 combined Thematic Arts, Dance and Drama, GCSE Expressive Arts, GCSE Dance, GCSE Drama and BTEC Performing Arts. As part of our consultancy and CPD we can offer a range of integral course materials and resources. We guarantee to inspire and energise your provision both within performing arts and your wider school. Consultancy and CPD services start at £50.


Philosophy through Arts



PTA is a highly creative, interactive and innovative approach to teaching the more challenging aspects of the curriculum that require a more philosophical approach. This methodology is guaranteed to enliven teaching and learning.


Previous PTA projects have included:

  • Genetic Engineering-Science

  • Abortion-PSHE and RE

  • Relationships and Bullying-Citizenship

  • Euthanasia-RE


This workshop aims to develop:

  • Confidence and expression

  • Enquiry based and philosophical thinking


It also aims to explore in depth in a highly creative and innovative way moral, social, ethical, historical, cultural and political topics, introducing philosophy for children and promoting cross curricular learning.


Curriculum Provision



We can deliver regular performing arts curriculum provision within your school, either as a service level agreement or on a sub-contract basis. Contracts for the delivery of Arts Award qualifications can be delivered within one academic term; alternatively we can deliver GCSE and BTEC subjects as well as whole school performing arts provision on a longer term contract.


We guarantee both your school and your students a high quality performing arts education and will work with you to ensure that your school and FFT targets are achieved.



Extra Curricular



Extra curricular performing arts provision from The Academy can encompass a range of highly engaging activities. The purpose of our extra curricular classes is to foster an enjoyment and appreciation of performing arts whilst developing integral skills.


Our extra curricular class programme extends not only to the delivery of a wide range of performing arts classes in dance, drama and musical theatre but also the staging of a school production.

Extra curricular classes start at £25 per hour based on a terms delivery.

Our extra curricular provision includes:

  • School production rehearsals

  • Musical Theatre 

  • Street Dance

  • Creative Contemporary 

  • Drama 

  • Jazz

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Rock ‘N’ Roll

  • Cheerleading





LAMDA Examinations have a reputation for excellence worldwide for the study of speech, drama and literature.


LAMDA are an internationally recognised awarding body whose qualifications are in line with the National Qualification Framework and are included in the UCAS tariff.

The acquisition of LAMDA Qualifications helps students to develop:

  • Communication skills

  • An appreciation of literature, poems and drama

  • Confidence

  • Collaborative and creative working


LAMDA Qualifications also enable students to develop intellectually, creatively and socially.

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